Early Immigration in America

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Without the help of immigrant influences, the United States would be a one culture country. Immigrants have shaped the way we [the United States] are today in society. Different ethnicities brought different sports, foods, religions, jobs, education, and cultures when they immigrated. Upon the arrival, many Americans did not approve of the new wave of immigrants practically invading into their country; therefore, authorities placed many Acts and restrictions that immigrants had to face by immigrating to America. Immigrants coming to the United States carved an easier path for many citizens in the 1900s.

Culture defines the background of all people. While living in the United States as immigrants, trying to preserve the culture and keep it with them during the travel and stay was their main goal. Culture can range from language to just how a community spends their day. Bringing different cultures into America made it very diverse, in which many ethnicities spoke their own language and carried on their lives like they did in their old country. Every groups culture contributed in someway in the 1900s, such as the holidays celebrated and the religion they believed.

While culture spread around in the United States, jobs were being created too. Immigrants found whatever work they could do for money. They nearly earned twelve dollars a week for dirty, dangerous jobs. Those dirty, dangerous jobs created many things we [the United States] see today. Without their willingness to work, those bridges, railway tunnels, or even the cables for Broadway Street lights may not be there now ("IMMIGRANTS IN 1900's NEW YORK CITY - Jobs"). The men and women’s contribution to doing those gritty jobs helped many Americans with their lives ...

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...ave contributed most of their time in businesses and deserve where they are today. Many of their foods, sports, and religions rank high in American popularity. Most Americans do not realize it, but America would not be where it is without the help of immigrants.

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