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An Early Education Solution: Improving K-12 Education

The more unequal the United States’ education system will grow, the more our poverty line will struggle. Most people believe that hiring tutors or staying long hours after school will help, but little do they realize that all of that can be avoided if every child is given the opportunity to an inexpensive early education. An implemented universal early education program would contribute to a rise in grades, keep families connected, and hope for a better future.
If all children were to attend early education, than every child would be starting at the same level and it is so crucial to a child to be at the same level as the rest his/her classmates. Having all children be at the level they are required to be at leads less room for a timid child in classroom. For example, if you have a classroom and a quarter of the children attended an early education program then they will most likely be more advanced than the other children. In that case, the children without the early education might feel inadequate and feel discriminated most the time because the other children will be at a higher level than they would be. For this reason, the federal government had to create the No Child Left Behind Reform. Lane Kenworthy mentioned in his book, Social Democratic America, that the No Child Left Behind reform is useful, but it is by any means not making schools better. The reform does not benefit all children; back to the classroom with one quarter of the children that attended an early education program, those children within the one-quarter will be stuck at the rest of the class’s level. Those one-quarter children will not be able to move forward until the other students catc...

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...em unreasonable, but if we think about how much our government spends on programs designed for the educational problem, it would be substantially saving money. Consider this, we have many problems within the school system such as children getting held back, adolescents not having the desire to graduate high school, and dropouts. An early educational program would adjust these problems and give children the incentive to carry on with their education.
Children are the future of our country’s economy; the government and United States citizens absolutely need to be investing more into child education. Having only a high school diploma is not good enough anymore; jobs are now requiring a college degree. Providing an early education program throughout the Untied States is the most useful thing our country can to in order to secure improvement throughout K-12 schools.
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