Early Civilizations

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Neolithic Period was a period of time known as “Neio stone age.” This was an era that existed between (7000-3000 B.CE.). Nomads primarily the Sumerians, developed tools made of stone to make the world of farming and hunting more efficient. These discoveries for agriculture led to a new way of life through population growth and diversity. It was because of the population growth that the first established governments were founded. The historical significance that the Neolithic Period left behind was organizing people around a central authority governed by laws giving stability for both peace and war time.

Mesopotamian Civilization was a period that lasted from (3000-1595 B.C.E.).Mesopotamia was an area of land between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. It was here that the Sumerian discovered many new ways to advance both Mesopotamia and later empires. Mesopotamia was the birth place for writing by the use of pictographs and ideograms. Prior to writing came the Stone Age making hunting and farming easier. Mesopotamia intellectual advancement pave the way for the first polytheist religions, myths of why people are here, and poems expressing these emotions with such as the Epic of Gilgamesh. Mesopotamian civilization historical significance is based on paving the way for religious, government, writing, and poetic expression to be born.

Epic of Gilgamesh was an excellent narrative poem filled with achievements, the labors, and failures Gilgamesh king of Uruk. This poem was performed in Mesopotamia in 1790 B.C.E during a time when there was a wonder of creation of the universe and about life in general. The Epic of Gilgamesh also looked into life, life after death, and immortality. This was the most famous poems during this time...

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by those same rich senators that killed his brother. The Gracchus brother’s historical significance was

they were politicians that were for the people and after their death’s it lead to other leader’s using the

same tactic.

Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.E.) was a general born of a noble family. This ambitious leader used the

military to gain power and was victorious over Spain, Gaul and France. Once he became dictator he

immediately worked on his reform by sending thousands of lower income people to the places he

defeated due to over population. The plan helped introduce Roman culture in those countries. Julius

Caesar historical significance was his motivation as well as being part of the First Triumvirate that

worked to fix issues for both parties. Julius Caesar was considered a brilliant politician.

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