Early Childhood Writing and Research

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Good Reading skills are imperative for students to have during their student phases but it is also a beneficial lifelong skill to acquire. This essay will discuss two reading strategies students can develop to aide them in reading comprehension. The strategies that will be emphasised are the SQR4 and the Click and Cluck reading strategies. This writer uses the SQR4 reading strategies to help support students in their studies. This is a useful technique as it points out important skills and lists in order examples of tools to use to improve reading comprehension. The SQR4 stands for a series of steps that students should take to help when reading. Scan reading is a useful strategy that students basically use, to gain an overview of reading materials; this involves skimming and scanning through the material looking at bold headings, subtitles, pictures, graph etc. It is a skill used by readers to gain a sense of whether the material is relevant to them or not. Q stands for Questioning yourself and the reading material asking yourself the relevance of the text building theories and as...
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