Early Childhood Curriculum Planning

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This paper will examine the planning and purpose of curriculum in the early childhood classroom. Discussed will be the definition of an integrated curriculum, and the connection between curriculum and development in the pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten student. The core content areas of childhood development will be outlined and defined and developmental support provided to all areas of content will be examined. Some of the reasons for maintaining a curriculum plan, as well as connections between assessment and curriculum will be addressed. Curriculum planning will be shown to be one of the most important tools in an early childhood educator’s skillset. Curriculum is defined as having a plan that is organized to implement and complete a learning process (Brewer, 2007). Curriculum is written to conform with and support standards of education set forth by educational experts and professionals to ensure a child’s full grasp of subject matter; the standards are generally set out by a governing body, such as a Board of Education, or Department of Education for the country, state or county in which the schooling takes place, and are designed to enhance development of the student. Within the State Standards of instruction, for example, emphasis is placed on the five primary developmental areas of social, physical, intelligence, cognitive and emotional. Developmental goals in each of the five areas are emphasized not only individually, but as they relate to one another. Social development focuses on building relationships and appropriate behavior while in a group setting, while physical development is enhanced through outdoor play and activities stressing motor skills. A game of “Red Rover, Red Rover” can be said to encompass both soc... ... middle of paper ... ...ored the connection between curriculum and early childhood development. The importance of curriculum planning as well as the purpose of curriculum in the early childhood classroom has been briefly addressed. Core content areas of Early Childhood Education have been discussed, and the importance assessment of development in these areas has been communicated. In conclusion, curriculum planning is one of the most important aspects of an educator’s role. Works Cited Brewer, J.A. (2007). Introduction to early childhood education: preschool through primary grades. New York: Allyn & Bacon. Dodge, D.T., Colker, L., & Heroman, C. (2008). The creative curriculum for preschool. Washington, DC: Teaching Strategies, Inc. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. (2004). NC standard course of study. Raleigh, NC. Retrieved from www.ncpublicschools.org/curriculum
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