Earliest Memories Of My Education

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I came from a country which has some similarities and differences from the United States in the education system. One of my government top priority is literacy; which means being able to read. My governments encouraged people to be able to read with some different ways. Literacy is the education key. I can read two languages, English and Arabic. My journey started when I was five and half with Arabic learning then I started English learning when I was 11 or 12. In Introduction to College Writing, Benjamin R. Barber, an American political theorist and author, said “On September 8, the day most of the nation's children were scheduled to return to school, the Department of Education Statistics issued a report, commissioned by Congress, on adult literacy and numeracy in the United State's. The results? More than 90 million adult Americans lacked simple literacy” (228). This is how we start school in my country.
I start elementary school in Arabic when I was five and half in 1987. I still remember my first day of school; it is the first day that I became in touch with the outside world which I don’t know them as well as my family also. Arabic alphabet class was the beginner class which made me feel that I became as old as our neighbor’s daughter Mizna whose two years older than me. Sine my grandparents are illiterates; grandparents are Bedouin family, Bedouins live in the desert and they herd camels, sheep and goats, they didn’t want me to be like them. When I was seven, every day my grandfather brought a newspaper and asked me to read the headlines for him and he will give me dates. In the same way, my grandmother asked me to read small sentence from the holy book. I that time, I didn’t know that my grandmother didn’t read...

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...or subjects and they become more challenging for me. But now with the help of my friend and books I overcome this challenge and now I able to understand and can talk to my friends in this language. In the early stage of my life my perception is that English is not compulsory language it is just a subject so I didn't pay any attention on this language. But now my perception is change that English is compulsory in every field of life and with the help of this language we can achieve our goals and interact with everyone easily I learned many things from my college and achieve a wonderful experience with the interaction of different kind of people. With the whole my life experience I conclude that a person should experienced with the different languages with the passage of time .Because the knowledge can changed the life of a person and give confidence to move ahead .
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