EVO:The Story

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Dot the main character lives in a colony of orbs with his best friend Pedor. One day he sees this light and after being lifted for a second he evolves. He starts freaking out so he hides out in near the shore by a rock. One day He goes back into the village and finds everyone screaming and his best friend Pedor Destroying and eating the colony. Dot: What is going on! Pedor: What's going on? I don't want to hear it! You weren't there, you weren't there when I changed into this monster! I was alone, an outcast everyone hated me I thought I would of been able to go to my friend but you weren't there you little piece of... Dot: Yo man chill I ran away because I changed to. Were bros you know I wouldn't of just left you. I didn't know what the colony would think, What they would say, how you would react, you know what I'm sayin Pedor: Oh so that's how it is huh? Real freakin funny I thought we were bros! You know me! I wouldn't do that to you, what the... you know what forget you man. I was right I am alone.(Runs away to continue terrifying the village) Dot: Wait! Stop!(Chases after him) Eats spinach and gets stronger. Dot follows the trail of destruction and finds his friend. Pedor: You still here? Hmp I always knew you were a follower, I thought you were different but no your just like all the rest of em. All you want to do is fit in, to be like everyone else, but now you can't no more, now that your a freak, just like me... Dot: (Drops a few tears tries to stay tough, suddenly throws a punch at him) Pedor: Really man, ok let's go(Gut punches him) Dot:(Grabs his shoulders and knees him in the face) (They both put their hands into each others when Dot counters and holds Pedor at the neck) Dot: It doesn't have to be like this how a... ... middle of paper ... ... I can't wait till mother nature gets her hands on you cause karma hurts, and you got a lot comin" Thousands of years passed Dot, Clay, and Woo one day branched off to live their own lives when the world evolved more of their kind showed up so they soon each made their own families and their ancestors spread throughout the whole world and each made their own families and so on. Years past their kind were named Homo-Sapiens aka Humans. Humans became more smart and more skilled over the years but they presently find theirselves in a crisis. Even though they made many things that improved the world it isn't enough because while their doing that their also slowly destroying their world unless they stop it. -FIN Works Cited http://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/human-family-tree https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goLyhtq_Vko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkgYoTH3Xlc
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