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Captain Corelli’s Mandolin directed by John Madden is an Greek film that follows a group of people whose lives become intertwined on the Greek island of Cephalonia during the Italian and German occupation of World War II. The film gives viewers an understanding of the world war 2 whilst providing a very important message that even at the worse of times, frighting for what matters the most in life. Three important themes explored by Madden to highlight this message are love, war
The film starts the viewers by showcasing the stunning view of the Greece island called Cephalonia. The scenes are colourful and uplifting use of music, however toward the middle of the film the atmosphere changes completely, from a beautiful island to a war zone. The life of the characters has changes. Dr Iannis practices medicine on the island of Cephalonia, accompanied by his daughter, Pelagia, to whom he imparts much of his healing art. Even when the Italians do invade, life isn't so bad--at first anyways. The officer in command of the Italian military base is the cultured Captain Antonio Corelli, who responds to a Nazi greeting of "Heil Hitler" with his own. It isn't long before Corelli and Pelagia are involved in a heated affair--despite her engagement to a young fisherman, Mandras, who has gone off to join Greek partisans. Love is complex enough in wartime, even when the lovers are on the same side.

Modern day lovers see love as being attracted to the complete person. A person, who loves someone, either loves them because of their personality, or their ability to make them feel happy. This is a complete contrast to the theme of love in the film. Captain Corelli's Mandolin is at heart a love story. It comprises a thread of romantic love. They ar...

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...r 58,000 people dead and over 150,000 wounded in battle. The Vietnam War had many long lasting effects on the veterans who fought for the countries from the 1950s to the 1970s. There are persistent stereotypes about Vietnam veterans as psychologically devastated, bitter, homeless, drug-addicted people who had a hard time readjusting to society, primarily due to the uniquely divisive nature of the Vietnam War

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin offers the viewers with an enjoyable however educational view are also viewed as well. The director explored the degree people will go to defend they countries and to protect and care the people they love and emphasises the importance education and the effects war on individuals. If I was to pick one element that the film teaches us, education is extremely importance in today society and also the impact that war has on everyone.

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