EQ is More Important than IQ

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In the book written by Daniel Goleman (1995) called ‘Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ’ explains how we have two minds. The emotional and rational mind, and they both operate in tight agreement for the most part. Usually there is a balance between the two, the rational mind mostly refining and time-to-time vetoing the inputs of our emotions. But still, they are semi-independent, each reflecting the operation of distinct, but interconnected, electrical structure in the brain. A major transition between the information that the brain takes in, is the secret pathway to our reactions and actions in many parts of our life. Goleman 1995 explains this transformation between the thalamus, the amygdala and the visual cortex. He writes, “as the repository for emotional memory, the amygdala scans experience, comparing what is happening now with what happened in the past. Its method of comparison is associative: when one key element of a present situations is similar to the past, it can call it a “match”- which is why this circuit is sloppy: it acts before there is full confirmation. It frantically commands that we react to the present in ways that were imprinted long ago, with thoughts, emotions, reactions learned in response to events perhaps only dimly similar, but close enough to alarm the amygdala.” (p. 21) Usually a visual signal first goes from the retina to the thalamus, where it is translated. Most of the message than goes to the visual cortex, where it is analyzed and assessed for meaning and appropriate response and if that response is emotional, a signal goes to the amygdala to activate the emotional centers. But sometimes there is a small portion of the original signal that goes straigh... ... middle of paper ... ...cial media such as Facebook, Dosomething.org website for campaign information material, Taking EQ quizzes and scholarships are a few way to get involved. Organizations that work directly with youth can educate about the power of Emotional Intelligence as well as social gatherings through concerts or fitness, expressing the positive vibrations being formed. And anything else you'd like: An award for the best-written essay on how EQ improved their life, the lives of the people of their surrounding, and the advantages/effects brought to them by this change. “If EQ were to become as widespread as IQ has become, and as ingrained in society as a measure of human qualities, then I believe our families, schools, jobs, and communities would be all the more humane and nourishing.” (Goleman 1995, p. xxii) Works Cited Goleman, Daniel. Emotional Intelligence
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