ENFJ Personality Types

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Knowing Which Careers to Avoid for ENFJ Personality Types

Do you know someone who is enthusiastic, is affirming, is upbeat, gets along with everyone, has natural leadership skills, and communicates eloquently? Most likely, this person has an ENFJ (Extroverted, iNtuition, Feeling, Judging) personality type. ENFJs are known to be warm and caring, and they thrive to provide guidance to others. They are focused on people, rather than things, ideas, or machines, so they are not too objective or logical and prefer to base their decisions on how they feel about a certain person or situation. They are charismatic, are excellent communicators, and can easily influence or manipulate others, making them suitable for leadership positions and even sales jobs. They are highly
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ENFJs can thrive in multiple professions, but if they stick too long to a job that doesn’t suit their personality well, they can end up stresses, drained, and frustrated.

What are the Work Stressors of ENFJ Personality Types

• Some people might see ENFJs as superficial and that all the optimism and motivation is all talk. This can make ENFJs feel hurt and shot down when they were only trying to do the best for everyone in the team.
• Since ENFJs have a natural tendency to lead others towards achieving goals, other Extraverted-Judgers might feel threatened or intimidated by them, especially if the ENFJ person is a subordinate.
• They find it difficult to set limits and can end up being overwhelmed by having to be available for everyone’s personal demands. This can make them resentful and angry at themselves and others.
• When confronted with conflict, they tend to withdraw inwards and do their best to avoid confrontation.
• If they are pressured to adopt a view they disagree with, they will most likely turn to introverted thinking.
• They dislike competitive
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