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Ancient civilizations are studied today to help us understand more about our worlds past and what has brought us to where we are today. Our findings have not only answered questions, but also bought us to ask more questions. Perhaps one of the most studied and yet least understood civilizations is the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Many studies have been done one what is now left of their ruins. Ancient towns have left us with hieroglyphics, items that help us understand the way they lived, and even tombs.

One of the keys to understanding the ancient civilization is the Rosetta Stone, which was discovered and helps us even today interpret the ancient writing of hieroglyphics. All of Egypt's history, religion, and beliefs are only some of the writings that are left. Some of the writings include proof that exotic plans did exist then that don't exist today. These writings have told the stories of all the kings and their rule. Gods were very prominent in this time and played a large role in the way people lived their lives. If it weren't for these writings, this civilization may have never been fully discovered. Not everyone was able to read and write hieroglyphics, there was a special school for children who were exceptional. The school would start for the child at about five to ten years of age. They would learn how vile the other occupations in the town really were. For example, the smith slaves over a hot furnace, and his hands were like crocodiles, and the mason who was achy and weary. Scribes seemed to have the better life among the people because they had the power over everyone. The actual power to read and write was more valuable than food, drink, and clothes. There is little evidence that women knew how to write. There was only one tomb where a woman had left a journal of her every day life. It is believed that only the wealthy women were able to read and write, but there was no place for them in the career world to do this. Scribes were so important because they were able to copy sacred texts into royal books of the Nether World into the walls of the tombs of kings and queens.

From the hieroglyphics we learn about the average life of an Egyptian. Egyptian marriage wasn't always arranged, this was usually only done by royal family where a brother would marry a sister in an arranged marriage.
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