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What are the security risks associated with business-to-business e-commerce? In today’s business world it is of utmost importance that we secure our businesses because they hold a lot of information of great importance. Business-to-business e-commerce is basically businesses that buy and sell from each other online. They also communicate with one another to build relations online. The security risk that I can see is that one of the two organizations may have poor or little security that may in turn cause other organizations that they are doing business online with to be exposed to viruses, bugs, trojans, etc. Also, customers, as well as, other businesses important information needs to be encrypted. Some employees may try to steal this information to use for their own personal gain or they might sell them to make a profit.

Use short answers to explain the difference between:

"X Availability and reliability

Availability deals with network downtime. Most businesses want their networks to have high availability so that they don’t have any downtime because this can lead to profit and customer loss. Reliability deals with the network being consistent and dependable. Networks need to be able to keep running even when malfunctions or server attacks occur.

"X Response time and throughput

Response time is basically the time from when you click on the server to the time data appears on your screen. Throughput is basically the speed that it will take the information to transfer from point-to-point within the server.

"X Throughput and bandwidth

I was having a hard time on this one explaining the difference but I found a site that had some useful information:
“Bandwidth is a measure of potential rate that data can be transmitted over a network.” “Throughput is the actual speed data will transfer at from one point on the network to another.”

"X Delay and Jitter

Delay is basically the time it takes for a packet to arrive at its destination and back in a network.