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E-commerce, especially online shopping, is very common nowadays. Most people purchase the products that they are looking for by visiting the online stores. This essay will examine the changes that e-commerce made, the conditions at the time that made e-commerce favorable for the game changer to emerge and the reasons why e-commerce had a lasting impact. E-commerce gives a convenient method for consumers to purchase the products and provide more opportunities for sellers and buyers to have interactions. As the technological network improved rapidly and both sellers and customers could gain the benefits from e-commerce, it became favorable for the game-changer to emerge. Also, willingness to improve the online shops lead to a lasting impact.

Providing a convenient way for customers to the marketplace and creating more interactions between sellers and customers were the reasons why e-commerce was a game changer. A convenient way to the marketplace is provided by e-commerce as it is available anytime for every customers. This can meet the need of the customers who have not enough time (“The Internet and the Consumer Marketplace” ,2012).In other words, they can get into the online marketplace at any time, through Internet, even though they are lack of time to purchase goods they need from shops. By e-commerce, consumers can have interactions with sellers from different countries easily .It can help consumers to look for products that are unavailable in their countries (“The Internet and the Consumer Marketplace”, 2012).This means that consumers can find the products they want by interacting with the foreign sellers through the Internet conveniently.

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