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As more and more businesses look for ways to secure electronic marketing online, there is a greater need for E-commerce. defines E-commerce (EC) as the “buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet. As more and more companies accept the challenge of E-commerce, e-business security and security software is becoming a factor that corporations need to meet. We will discuss what E-commerce is and how it is used and the advantages and disadvantages.

Security systems for EC have four categories that include: Authentication: Verifies who you say you are. It enforces that you are the only one allowed to logon to your internet banking account; Authorization: Allows only you to manipulate your resources in specific ways. This prevents you from increasing the balance of your account or deleting a bill; Encryption: Deals with information hiding. It ensures you cannot spy on others during Internet banking transactions; Auditing: Keeps a record of operations. Merchants use auditing to prove that you bought specific merchandise (Khusial, & McKegney, 2005).

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