E Shopping Case Study

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This point diverges from the old generation: the consumer of today has her own ideas, reflects independently and pays a big attention on her own person. This tendency is reflected in the purchases of the 20-30-year-old women: 56 % of them favour clothes, flavours and cosmetics in the face of only 6 % which spend in the foreground on the family needs. The modern consumer changes little by little her consumer habits to turn to the e shopping. In big cities, 44 % of the women have for tradition to make their on-line purchases; this practice extends in most towns where e-buyers represent 23 % of the women. The on-line purchase became a full activity for these young ladies. Among the active women, 87,7 % use regularly the Internet tool where they find products at half-price compared with the prices practised in shopping malls. The Chinese consumer can so save time and money for the same pleasure. The Chinese like looking at videos to amuse on-line because it is free. According to the data of the DCCI, the…show more content…
Home Depot proposed to the urban Chinese tools allowing doing odd jobs themselves, while they prefer hire workers even for the small tasks of the everyday life. In the same spirit, the home decoration world giant, the American B*Q, is suffering and could be the next one. What the Westerners consider as a pleasure is not the same for the Chinese. Also, Barbie and its American measurements did not function with the girls and their mother who seem to prefer the design of Hello Kitty. There is a gap and a failure in the analysis of the tastes of the Chinese population. The attractiveness of the Chinese internal market brings to many errors. Companies want to be the first ones and are not enough rational. In these difficulties come to be added the competition of the Chinese sellers itself. 2) A LACK PROBLEME OF MARKET
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