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Online shopping has impacted the economic, political and cultural development of the financial markets and the economy. Many consumers have been using the World Wide Web in order to purchase items. The computer technology has allowed consumers to use the internet to their convenience to shop. Online shopping has impacted the United States economy greatly. The impacts of online shopping have been advantageous as well as disadvantageous.
The beneficial impacts of online shopping are greatest on the nation’s economy. Consumers do not only purchase items online, but the internet allows consumers to compare and browse items online. This then results in consumers going out and buying those items at stores. “But because people also go online to investigate merchants and compare products, the internet winds up influencing about six times that many offline purchases” (Freeman Evans 1). The internet has allowed holiday sales to grow twenty one percent from last year to $16.8 billion. December 9th seems to be the busiest day of shopping online. Purchases totaled in $367 million. Another example of online shopping is This site’s sales were up 75% from last year. Another benefit of online shopping is free shipping and no waiting in lines. With all of these advantages online shopping has become very popular. “Online sales will represent 4.5 percent of total holiday sales- an estimated $12.2 billion of a total of $271 billion” (Suneel Ratan 2). With all of thes...
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