E. E. Cummings

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E. E. Cummings: A Man of Poetry

The background of E.E. Cummings, who was a distinctive, American poet, greatly influenced his literary achievements in poetry. This can be seen in the experiences of his early childhood. “Cummings was born Edward Estlin Cummings in Cambridge, Mass., on Oct. 14, 1894';(Ulanov 565). He was born into wealthy and creative surroundings. “Dr. Cummings was a woodsman, a photographer, an actor, a carpenter, an artist – and talented in all that he undertook. Mrs. Cummings [however] was a shy woman who overcame conventional influences to respond joyously and effectively to life'; (Triem 2). He also grew up in a rich neighborhood. “He virtually grew up in Harvard Yard and was surrounded by the most traditional aspects of Cambridge culture'; (Smelstor 455). E.E. Cummings’s parents not only provided him with creative surroundings, but also provided him with the best of educations. “Educated at Cambridge High School and Latin School, he entered Harvard University in 1911 and remained there until 1916, when he received his Master’s degree'; (Ulanov 565). It was during this time that E.E. Cummings was publishing his first poems for the Harvard Monthly Journal (Smelstor 455). After earning his Master’s at Harvard, he then moved on to volunteering as an ambulance driver in France during WWII. “From his experiences in La Ferte’ Mace...
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