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INTRODUCTION We always feel that we are behind the times, whenever we try to stay apace with technology. With the beginning of the new millennium, computers became the international language. Computer today is not only the language of people but also for business. Internet is the tool used by business in term of electronic commerce. In the discussion I will try to state how e-commerce influences business in the new world with the vast growing of the Internet technology. First, I will define what is e-commerce. Then, I am going to highlight some comparison between the traditional and electronic commerce. The benefits and disadvantage of e-commerce will be the following step. At the end of discussion and briefly I will mention e-commence technologies. Then comes the summary where we can find what was covered in the discussion. At last I will try to write the conclusion of this assignment. DISCUSSION Electronic commerce seems to be everywhere in our life today. It is hardly that you open a newspaper or magazine without coming across a subject or an article about e-commerce, but how can we define e-commerce? What is E-Commerce? E-commerce is any commercial transaction done electronically using the computer, through the Internet technologies, such as the World Wide Web. In another words, it is the buying or/and selling of goods or services on the web. Moreover, electronic commerce had included the handling of purchase transactions and funds transfers over computer networks. (Understanding E-Commerce, David, 1997, P.2) Meanwhile electronic commerce is getting stronger than ever. The Internet has given e-commerce a boost. E-commerce is the wave of the future allowing businesses of all sizes to sell their goods online. It is growing along with the Internet too rapidly. E-Commerce brakes all the time and geographical boundaries providing a direct deal with end costumer. This definitely expands the business opportunity to satisfy costumers’ demands for product, service, and information. Electronic commerce doesn’t only include the transaction of traditional commerce, but also generating demand for its goods and services. The definition of electronic commerce is kind of dynamic. As you go deeper into knowing it, you will have better definition and with the time even a new different definition. Traditional Vs. Electronic Commerce Transactions In the traditional business, manufacturers use dealers, distributors, and retailers to represent them. For many years, manufacturers’ representatives believe that the physical presence at the point of sales plays very important roles.
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