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E - Commerce

“E-Commerce", a term so widely and frequently used that it could have various meanings. In our world, E-Commerce has become so widespread that we encounter it in almost every aspect of our lives. Let's take the example of web addresses, open the fridge and you'll see a web address on almost every packaged product. This proves that more and more companies are making it to the web. The Internet has created a new world for them, a world where there is more interaction with customers and many financial benefits for the company.

E-Commerce is not only advantageous for businesses but it has also made the customer's life better and easier. Instead of having the customer go to the store and buy products, he or she can buy them online and have them delivered to his or her doorstep in the comfort of home without having to take a step outside.

In the future this is how buying and selling will be done in the business world. In fact, many companies today, are solely web based such as Amazon.com. Amazon.com’s site was launched in July 1995 with the main aim of selling all types of books online. Today, due to the boom of the Internet economy, Amazon.com now delivers its products to over 220 countries worldwide and sells millions of products such as books, electronics, DVD’s, toys and even tools and hardware. This example shows how much the Internet economy is powerful and bound to become more powerful.

So how does one go about ordering products from the net? The following points briefly outline an online shopping experience:

1. Many E-Commerce sites have electronic catalogs that you can browse or search for specific items.

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...rs services for the sake of credit card security, www.paypal.com, does not include credit card transactions at all. Instead, money is transferred electronically. Another thing you could do is to make sure that your credit card company has a liability policy. According to most credit card companies you are only liable to the first $50 a fraudster spends.

With the everlasting technological advances that are being brought out daily the Internet will become a second world for people everywhere, if not already. Eventually, this virtual world will combine the world economy in ways that are more efficient and dominant. Until then we can only sit back and enjoy the ride.




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