Dywane Wade: A Career Of The Best Basketball Player

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Dywane Wade with his many achievements, hard work and dedication is possibly among the best basketball players in today's generation.

Dwyane Wade was born on January 17, 1982 making him 32 today. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His parents soon got separated and his mother got custody of him and his older sister. The family suffered financially and was put on welfare. Soon after Wade went and lived with his dad who was remarried and had another family. Today Wade is a grown man with 2 amazing young boys and was married to Siohvaugn Funches but later on in 2007 they got a divorce and Wade got full custody of Zarie and Zion, his two boys. Currently, Wade is engaged to Gabrielle Union, a known actress in many movies. Wade is a altruistic, intrepid, cordial, flamboyant and a philanthropist person.
When Wade moved to his dad's place he began to play basketball with his step brothers outside their home. One of his step brothers Demetrius was a basketball star at their local high school and that is where Wade attended high school. Wade played basketball and football in high school but he always preferred basketball. After he joined the basketball team, he practiced and improved his skills and soon became the basketball team's new star. Wade struggled through high school with his poor grades which only got him 3 college basketball programs.
Wade choose to attend the university of Milwaukee but he was still ineligible to play due to his poor academic grades. He eventually had to sit out for a whole season (2000-01). he was still allowed to practice with the team to improve his skills. In his junior year of college, Wade lead his team to the USA Championship. He was also chosen as the MVP. He was the star of his college tea...

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...o a live Heat game and then got to meet her hero. She was starstruck and happy that she finally got to meet the man that has been in her life for a while. She said he was a gentleman which is what she expected.
Wade participated in All-Star weekend which is a compilations of many different basketball contests to help raise money for charity. West versus East, Wade played with the East and was also team captain. NBA cares and State farm put $500,000 into this compitition and the winner gets $350,000 for there

choices of charity while for second place they got $150,000 for there charity. There were many contests included in this compitition such as the slam dunk contest, 3-pointer contest, free throws ect. The East decided to play for Big Brother Big Sister and Make-A-Wish. In the end the East side was victorious and got money to give to the charity of their choice.

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