Dystopian Society In George Orwell's 1984

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Perfection is inevitable, words that speak truth in many ways. In George Orwell’s famous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston Smith, the main character, lives in a totalitarian regime set in London in the year he thinks is 1984. Winston works for the controlling government, but is a member of the country’s lowest caste. Within Orwell’s novel, it supports that in reality, a utopian society cannot work, because of how dictating the totalitarian government is within the novel establishing the dystopian civilization. The government has total control: every room has telescreens with hidden cameras, everywhere people look, propaganda posters are hung with the slogan “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU,” (Orwell, 1) and Thought Police snoop through people’s…show more content…
He and Julia discussed the censorship of the government. Julia believed that the government tried to control the people through having people believe they were actually at war. Though after a few days in the room they woke and things changed. After singing a tune they heard a voice from behind a painting – it was a telescreen. The store owner was a member of the thought police and he along with O’Brian had set them up to catch them in illegal business. Winston and Juila were taken away and tortured to brainwash them to no longer love each other. Winston was placed in room 101 where he faced his biggest fears – rats. The torturers placed the rats to his face, causing him to shout that he loved the party and that he wanted the torture to be done to Julia. This was the point where he was changed and then became loyal to the party and loved Big…show more content…
Joeseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler). His novel was set in England, which was a free country. In the novel he used the name Emmanuel Goldstein, the enemy of Oceania, which is also a common in Jewish culture, symbolizing how many communists and states like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were anti-Semitic (“Analysis”). Many believe that the novel was “Swiftian satiric warning of what could happen if power was pursued for its own sake” (Crick) expressing Orwell’s deep passion against English Imperialism. This showed how a free state such as the US and England could be converted to a totalitarian like other nations around them. Orwell was a very patriotic author which was one inspiration to write the dystopian novel. After the international outbreak of the Second World War, he had immediately requested admittance into the armed service believing: “now we are in this bloody war we have got to win it and I would like to lend a hand” (George

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