Dystopia In America

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America: A Dystopia in the Making The United States of America used to be one of the most ideal places in the world. Many people in the past saw it as a great utopia; a place of perfection, especially in laws, government, and social conditions. This so-called utopia, however, is slowly turning the tides; making its way towards a dehumanizing, overcrowded, terrorized hell; a dystopia.
One of the main reasons that the United States is no longer a utopia is because of the poverty that is seen everyday. Since 1973, poverty rates in America have been on the rise. Ending the gradual decline, The year of 1973 had around 22.5 million Americans in poverty. Two years ago, 2013, had 45.3 million (“About Poverty”). This data shows that the United States
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adults are obese (“Adult Obesity Facts”). An estimated one third of school aged children are overweight or obese as well (Childhood Obesity Facts”). A country that is supposed to be healthy should contain citizens that are in fine feather alike. Everyday, people are forgetting what it feels like to be healthy, and/or live a healthy lifestyle. They are losing motivation to keep their bodies in shape; the only motivation they have is to get up and drive to the nearest McDonald’s. America is headed for dystopia, and it seems as if people are becoming too lazy to try and stop it.
This “Land of Opportunity” seems to be turning into a land of disrupting opportunity. Of all pregnancies in the U.S., about half are unintentional. Of these unintended pregnancies, 4 of 10 are aborted (“Abortions in America”). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there were over 300,000 babies born to teenage girls in 2011 alone (“About Teen Pregnancy”). This data shows how Americans value, (or don’t value), the lives of their unborn children, and those of the teenages that have made a decision that will stick with them for the rest of their
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A utopian country should not have experiences of the government lying to the citizens about what they are doing. One of the most obvious situations that comes to mind when speaking of the government is the large “NSA scandal” that happened in 2013, in which documents were disclosed which contained information about the government listening in on tens of millions of American telephone conversations. The British Broadcasting Corporation reports that “Documents leaked to the Washington Post in mid-August suggested the NSA breaks US privacy laws hundreds of times every year.” (“Edward

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