Dyslexia Essay

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Dyslexia is a very common learning disorder that affects more than three million cases reported every year. It can also be referred to as a language based learning disability. Dyslexia is a disability that impairs one’s ability (usually identified in children) to read and interpret different letters/words. It cannot be cured and is generally a lifelong condition but can be treated with therapists/specialists. This disorder does not translate to poor individual intelligence, just simply an individual that struggles in an area of learning. More often than not, this disability can be self diagnosed by an adult. This disorder is the most common learning disability in American children. Although, scientists cannot pinpoint the percentage of children…show more content…
The most common symptoms that are portrayed are trouble reading, wrongfully interpreting where letters are in a word/sentence, and spelling. Dyslexia can be difficult to recognize at times because some children show no symptoms if they are asked to interpret something after it has been read to them aloud. Although those symptoms are significant there are different strategies to assist an individual diagnosed with Dyslexia. As stated previously, therapists and specialists can be of aid to dyslexic children. Therapists can provide rehabilitation and occupational therapy, while specialists can vary from a neurologist to a pediatrician. Both forms of assistance can greatly improve an individual's reading/interpreting skills. Dyslexia does not only affect an individual's learning but their daily activities and everyday life as…show more content…
It can be definitely be challenging to correct an individual that is dealing with this disorder but is 100% doable. Because Dyslexia is a very common disorder among children in the US, different learning structures have been put into place in order to ensure an equal education for a child. School systems provide special education assistants, reading specialists as well as speech therapists. With these implementations, there is a very good chance that children with dyslexia will overcome the challenges and hardships that pertain to the disorder. The disorder is more than likely to be controlled and treated before high school, as it is easier to reteach something at a younger age than an older
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