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Some of us in the world may have problems with reading, spelling, and other academics. You might not know why they cannot read or spell as well as you can because they have a disorder. This disorder is called dyslexia. People with dyslexia struggle with: listening, reading, writing, spelling, and even handwriting. However, having dyslexia doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent. Some of the greatest minds in the world have or had dyslexia. One of the most fascinating reasons for dyslexia is the dominate ear. Even though they may be different doesn’t mean that they are stupid. (Hotz, Sollier)

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that is linked with problems of reading, writing, and spelling. (Britannica Company) One in five Americans struggle with this disorder. The struggles they may are listening, writing, reading, spelling, or handwriting. Student with the disorder can struggle with more than one academic. Also, they have problems with understanding the language and this leads to doing the academics poorly. (Hotz, Me)

This disorder doesn’t only occur in children it can occur in teens and adults as well. Dyslexia in adults is more sever, because they have had it as children, which means they could be reading at a third grade level book. (Me, Hotz)

Children struggle with dyslexia to. They stumble or struggle with words. When they are reading and they may skip over word they don’t know or cannot pronounce. Dyslexic children have different reading patterns than other children. (Hotz) There reading patterns are slower than others and they do not read as fluent as well reading children. Children have problems with spelling as well because they don’t know what letters to put with the sounds of the words. Some ...

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...exics on the other hand have left ear dominants which make it harder to read and understand information. Left ear dominants send the information to the right side of the brain which is not the language center so the information has to travel thought the right side into the left side which delays the information. Some people with dyslexia have to do a program that will help them read, learn , and speak better, but though the program they will become right ear dominant. (Sollier, Me)

Now you know more about dyslexia and for some of you know what it is. Remember if you know someone with dyslexia they could become some of the greatest minds in the world. They may be slow known, but soon they will catch up and get the right dominant ear. The last thing to remember is to encourage them help them though things because brilliant minds come with brilliant ideas.
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