Dysfunctional Marriage Essay

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Dysfunctional Marriages
Rodney Thomas Sr.
Western International University
Human Relations and Intercommunication
Mollie Surgine
December 18, 2017 Dysfunctional Marriages All interpersonal relationships are part of human experiences. These include family, friendships and marriages. In any interpersonal dysfunction there is always some type of signs associated with the imbalance of a relationship. To prevent future damage to a relationship, problems looming must always be identified and confronted in a timely manner. For this purpose this paper is based on a dysfunctional marriage relationship also considered a love type relationship. A dysfunctional love relationship refers to a break down in two people who are involved
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A dysfunctional interpersonal relationship is those that create more turmoil than satisfaction. One of the setbacks is high stress levels in the relationship and outside influences such as extramarital affairs and things that doesn’t pertain to an effective and balanced marriage. When married couples cannot work past their disagreements they may quickly fall into a predictable pattern of behaviors a break down in communications can lead to hurt and ill feelings towards one another. To foster ineffective communication, couples are no longer intimately connected to each other therefore, feels there is nothing to communicate about. Every dysfunctional relationship has a chance to be repaired. Because some couples deal with their disagreements different than others, some solutions are worth the time. Avoid negative and defensive remarks, show politeness towards one another, be considerate by spending time with one another by managing work hours and days. Validating is a good place to start. This refers to the couples in the marriage to compromise and calmly work out the issues that are causing the imbalance it the relationship. Dysfunctional relationships are part of life. Without conflict there would be nothing to save in a
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