Dynamic Decision-Making Amongst Employees

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This research paper, will discuss how employee involvement (EI) programs improve organisational performance focusing on the role of decision-making in the process. Decision-making is an area of interest that gives you the opportunity to study a variety of different facets concerning EI. EI has been of interest to several hundreds of people on a regular basis for many years. It is a philosophy put in place to sculpt management and leadership in order to maintain, improve and achieve success within an organisation. If we look at EI as a model, it is a concept that was developed to take the pressure off the supervising staff by increasing worker dependency (Tannenbaum and Schmidt, 1958). This analysis will encapsulate the importance of decision-making in EI programs through the reference of several empirical studies highlighting that: “Decision-making is important for employees who participate in programs. It gives them the opportunity to provide their views and decide how events occur regarding the future of organisations”. Decision-making plays a key part in improving organisational performance. Unionized workers are forced to work together with EI programs in an attempt to cure arising problems in certain industries (Leana, Ahlbrandt and Murrell, 1992). Regarding these workers, the study examines how an EI program encourages those who take part to carry more of an influence within the workforce compared to those who do not. Acknowledging the hypothesis, the result was partially true as the individuals involved discovered that they actually have minimal influence in decision-making. These employees want to see improvement in organisational performance and after reading this article it is clearly identifiable that decision-making h... ... middle of paper ... III, E.E. (1994) 'Total Quality Management and Employee Involvement: Are They Compatible?', The Academy of Management Executive, vol. 8, no. 1, Feb, pp. 68-76. Leana, C.R., Ahlbrandt, R.S. and Murrell, A.J. (1992) 'The Effects of Employee Involvement Programs on Unionized Workers' Attitudes, Perceptions, and Preferences in Decision Making', The Academy of Management Journal, vol. 35, no. 4, Oct, pp. 861-873. Tannenbaum, R. and Schmidt, W. (1958) 'How to choose a leadership pattern', Harvard Business Review, vol. 36, pp. 95-101. Tjosvold, D. (1998) 'Making Employee Involvement Work: Cooperative Goals and Controversy to Reduce Costs', Human Relations, vol. 51, no. 2, Feb, pp. 201-214. Verma, A. and McKersie, R.B. (1987) 'Employee Involvement: The Implications of Noninvolvement by Unions', Industrial and Labor Relations Review, vol. 40, no. 4, July, pp. 556-568.
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