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Dylan Thomas Biography

Dylan Thomas once stated, "Somebody's boring me. I think it's me." This clever poet clearly knew how to entertain and amuse his audience with words. Dylan Marlais Thomas, a poet from 1914-1953, preferred a much more romantic, even comical genre of poetry. This writing style differed greatly from the popular poets of his day. However, the life of Dylan Thomas WAS not one of all fame and ease. Dylan fell into many a hard time, and sadly, turned to alcohol as a remedy. Thomas' choices both positively and negatively affected his writing style and future. To begin with, Dylan Thomas' early life played into his writing heritage. For example, "Dylan Marlais Thomas was born on October 27, 1914, in Swansea, Wales"("Dylan Thomas Biography"). Both parents had a welsh legacy, which caused Dylan to write differently from many English poets. Also, "His father taught English at the Swansea grammar school, which in due course the boy attended"("Dylan Thomas"). At Swansea grammar school Dylan fully pursued his English and poetry studies, till he became incredibly talented writer. Thus, Thomas' beginning circumstances laid a gentle touch and slowly shaping his character.
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In his poetry career, "Thomas soon found success: His poem 'And Death Shall Have No Dominion' was published in 1933 in the New English Weekly, marking his first international publication"("Dylan Thomas Biography"). This marked the beginning of Dylan Thomas' fame, which would spread before him like a wild fire. In addition, While still rather young, Thomas married Caitlin Macnamara in 1937, who gave birth to two sons and a daughter. "But while his fame was rising in literary circles, his business sense was lacking, so he and his family lived in relative poverty"("Dylan Thomas Biography"). Thomas constantly struggled to provide money, but his efforts WERE not enough to pay the never ending

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