Dying with Dignity

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To live or not to live. This has been the question for many people who have a terminal illness. Many people suffer everyday with terminal illness, and they cannot do anything to improve their conditions. According to the article “Identifying Terminal Illness (TERI) Cases,” a terminal illness is when someone cannot go back to being a healthy person. The patient expects death, and any treatment is not going to do any good to the person. People who have this illness resort to an alternative called euthanasia. Euthanasia is when someone a physician or a family members assist the terminal ill to die by injecting such person with a drug or plugging out the chord that keeps the person alive. While supporters of this technique claim that euthanasia is humane and helpful, other people argue that euthanasia is morally wrong, and inhumane. Euthanasia should be legalize in the United States because it gives an alternative for people who suffer every day due to a terminal illness, but it should be the last resort a patient should take.
People who are against euthanasia claim that it is unethical and morally wrong to take someone’s life away. According to the article “Active Euthanasia Is Never Morally Justified,” euthanasia is a nice word that replaces the word murder (Doug). The author claims that people will use “terminal illness” to murder people without their consent. People that are on a vegetable state and cannot depend of themselves are force to accept the decisions of others. Euthanasia can be done to a patient if the person in charge is willing to go through the process. Since the patient cannot say or do anything, it is unsure if the person in charge is doing it for dark reasons. It is not just adults, infants can also be euthaniz...

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