Dying at a Young Age

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Dying at a Young Age Death can occur at any age or period in a person’s life. Death is a natural part of life that everyone will one day have to face. So why does it seem so different when a young adult or adolescent dies in comparison to an older adult? Is it so different? My brother lost two of his best friends in the last three years. One in a car accident and one to a terminal illness. I also lost my best friend in a car accident. In this paper we will look at why people consider it so different when a younger person dies, as well as what is appropriate behavior in dealing with death. MT was a fourteen year old boy that was entering his freshman year of high school. MT was very athletic and active young man. One day MT, used to the usual severe headaches that he sometime got, blacked out. His parents rushed him to the emergency room. The doctors believed it was just a seizure. After a couple weeks in the hospital MT was released from the hospital just before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day MT blacked out again. He was again rushed to the hospital. This time doctors believed it was a tumor, but had to wait for the swelling in the brain to go down to do surgery. MT went into a coma, which he never came out of. The doctors finally figured out MT had a rare disease called Moa-Moa. The disease caused the blood vessels in the brain to burst. MT died five days before his fifteenth birthday. CO, a typical high school senior, thought he was invincible. CO decided to drag race one of his friends. As they went around a forty-five mile per hour curve at eighty miles per hour CO left the road. CO was instantly killed as two passengers walked away with a few cuts and bruises. MW, a twenty year old college student, was on her way home for the summer break. MW looked up to see another car in her lane trying to pass a semi.
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