Dying With Dignity Analysis

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A Proper Death
Since ancient time, “dying with dignity” has had a different cultural context amongst humans. Some individuals have imagined and prepared their dying moments at an early age: In dependence of religious, political and /or society background. Dignity is defined as a sense of self-respect, self-worth and nobility. It is one of the highest consensus of autonomy belonging to humankind. Therefore, it is the sense of honor that makes humans stand up for whatever the meaning of freedom represents to them. The feeling of freedom that a person may have when dying could result in some delusional moments as their life is fading away, or is death perhaps the reality that dignifies human life.
There are cross-culturally different beliefs regarding death that are appropriate ways of dying with various meaning for that society. For some cultures agonizing while dying symbolizes a death with dignity. For other cultures the right to die peacefully and be aware of the final moments of life is dignifying (Leming & Dickinson, 2011). Every society around the world has their own definition of what is dying with dignity, and each individual wants to die according tp their willingness death, but it is not always the case. An abrupt or sudden death, traumatic injuries or accidents may
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Therefore, it is by creating a balanced, truthful communication, supportive and caring environment through the fading of a human life that death becomes meaningful. Every death is memorable, whether it happened in a hospital, or at a home, or in the street of a suburban neighborhood, on a royal bed, on an airplane, having dinner, during patrolling, at a war zone, or perhaps at the moment of birth. Dying with dignity was and will be the right to being born in this
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