Dustin Cosby A Functionalist Theory

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Dustin Cosby, a teacher at UCC, posted a message on Facebook. He aimed to convey his thoughts related to gun violence, but in doing so, he wrote a description covering a broad spectrum of sociological issues and their associated solutions, or at least examples of what individuals can do to begin moving toward solutions. Cosby’s post discusses his personal values about a certain issue while simultaneously being able to specify many larger issues and possible resolutions that can be taken to heart and evaluated by people from all walks of life. The main concern that he indicated in his post were related to how family, and personal values that come from the family, are very important parts of society which is exactly how a functionalist would…show more content…
This theory explains how each of the fundamental basics of society work harmoniously together to fulfill the needs and wants of individuals, (20) especially when each person and part of society functions the way it needs to in order to uphold the system. Mr. Cosby is a prime example of a functionalist because of the way he took one issue and pointed out several different, seemingly unrelated, topics and formed reasons as to why these specific faults of society could be causing the underlying issue. He believes that all parts of society are connected and that a failure in any part could have an effect on all others and vice a…show more content…
Cosby’s simple Facebook post is related to a much deeper field of thought, and, when viewed from the sociological perspective of a functionalist, can be explained and related to a mass of information that some may not have considered at a first glance. Furthermore, we see that Mr. Cosby exhibits a very functionalist opinion related to how each issue he sees within our society is a part of the dysfunction that he has recognized. We can see that each topic that he talked about may have an effect on one single issue and we gain a new perspective on just how complex society can actually be. From this information, the conclusion can be made that when evaluating a sociological issue, we will often find that more than one aspect of society will play a part in finding a solution to the issue and that one must look for all the related aspects, and finding the hidden meaning and actions that created the problem before attempting to fix
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