During the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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A Tale of two cities is a compelling tale written by Charles Dickens. The tale takes place in London and Paris. Main characters Dr. Manette, Lucie Manette, Charles Darnay, Sydney Carton, and the Defarges are chronicled before the French Revolution and when the revolution begins throughout France. The author Charles Dickens explores the economic disparity between rich and poor within in the two cities and topics during enlightenment such as revolution in political thinking. In addition to establishing the time period Charles Dickens explores themes such as true friendship and love. What makes this story great is the use of the supporting characters such as Jarvis Lorry, Jerry Cruncher, Mr. Stryver, and Marquis Evrémonde to really develop the story and connect it all together.
When reading a tale of two cities you are introduced to numerous characters with diverse personalities. The character that was most relatable to me had to be Jerry Cruncher’s son. I definitely see myself in Jerry Cruncher’s son in the way he revered his father and love to hang around him. In the story Jerry Cruncher’s son is so influenced by his father’s way of thinking that he holds the same sentiments about his mother’s supposed praying on the family’s downfall. I remember growing up I would ask my father everything and whatever answer he gave me I believed it and not question one thing. Numerous times throughout the story we are shown Jerry’s son tagging along with him as goes to do small jobs for Tellson’s Bank as a messenger throughout London. Growing up I use to love going to work with my father, learning the type of job he does and helping him out in my own way. Another way I could relate to Jerry Cruncher’s son is how he was always curious throughout t...

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...of Sydney Carton’s friendship with Mr. Stryver. Stryver and Carton had more of a friend/enemy vibe going on. It seemed Mr. Stryver always try to put competition in the air between them when he bragged about how successful he is and how Sydney Carton is somewhat of a failure. He even bragged about how he was going to propose to Lucie Manette. I feel Dickens expectation of a friendship between Lucie and Carton is ideal but, society we see more of Sydney Carton and Mr. Stryver type friendships. I can relate to Carton attributes in regard to being a friend. I consider myself to be a loyal person and would make a sacrifice like that if I genuinely cared for someone.
Overall a tale of Two Cities is an intriguing tale about revolution, love and friendship. By reading this tale we get a sense of the time period leading to the revolution and economic conditions at the time.
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