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In my town of Durham, North Carolina there is a railroad trestle bridge located near downtown that is causing a lot of problems. It is 11 feet 8 inches high which is pretty short. The problem is that it is a common rout for many trucks and because of it being so short many trucks are too tall to fit under it. Many times these truckers do not realize that they are too big and they end up getting stuck or tarring off the top of their trucks. Why is it that almost nothing has been done to fix the problem? The Department of Transportation needs to do something to fix the bridge because it is causing a lot of problems and costing a lot of money for truckers.
The bridge is located near Downtown Durham at the intersection of Gregson and Peabody streets. It is located in an area where a lot of trucks go through. The bridge has been the site of hundreds of truck accidents in the last few years. It is very common to drive by this area and see a truck wedged under the bridge from trying to get under it. This happens so often that Jurgen Henn, a local worker, placed a camera out of his window to capture the bridge. In just a short amount of time he was able to catch many trucks getting stuck or peeling of their tops. After recording this happening many times Jurgen placed the video on YouTube. In a short amount of time he had thousands of views. The community found it very amusing that truckers would try to fit under the bridge. The video became so popular that Jurgen Henn decided to create a website for the bridge (11foot8.com). On this site Jurgen Henn explains the situation and has a link to videos that he has captured of the bridge. He even made shirts that say 11 foot 8 on them. The bridge has received a lot of attention from the commun...

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...idges but they must do it in order to make the community run better. This would save the city money in the long run and solve a lot of traffic issues that arise due to the bridges. Truckers would appreciate being able to drive under the bridge without the scare of them tarring the top off of their trucks. The city must take action or this problem will continue to linger.

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