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Dungeon Siege Preview: Dungeon Siege is one of the many RPG games in development this year. So what makes Dungeon Siege better then the rest? One of the things that brought me to Dungeon Siege is its designer Chris Taylor. Some of you might remember Chris from his blockbuster RTS hit Total Annihilation. As a big fan of Total Annihilation and of Chris, I wanted to see what he was up to and lets just say I was pleasantly surprised. After leaving Cave Dog Studios and starting his own company Gas Powered Games (GPG), Chris has set out to create new limits on the RPG gender just as he did with the RTS gender just a few years earlier with Total Annihilation. In Dungeon Siege you start out by picking either a male or female character and then you’re thrown into action. The story begins with your character as a simple farm boy (or girl) chopping wood and out of no where a group of raiders attack the farm, burning your house and killing everything. But don’t worry, you have your trusty axe in hand and you will easily slice and dice the raiders. But they have already destroyed your farm so you now go out into the world to seek vengeance. A time saving feature in Dungeon Siege is that you’ll have the ability to pause or save the game at any time during play. Dungeon Siege has a great number of features that really make the game unique. One is the fact that the game is played through one gigantic continuous world that you explore seamlessly without loading screens. Yes, without those annoying load screens that are standard with most RPGs, this mean the action is almost non-stop. The games simple learning curve makes the Dungeon Siege enjoyable to everyone from the hardcore RGPers to the first time gamers. The spectacular 3D graphics make your journey even more enjoyable and realistic. Throughout your journey your character will have the choice of bringing more members to your party. If you choose you will be able to go threw the game solo, or if you get lonely you may add up to 10 members to your party as you meet people threw the game. The pack mule is one of my favorite party members, the pack mule is a party member that carries all of your items for you.

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