Dumb As A Sack of Rocks

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The crude action of throwing three billion some people all into a bucket of faulty entitlement, non-existent morals, and above all else, empty heads, would appear to be an insulting overstatement… Well, that is if it ceased to be true. With the passing of good old George Washington with his wooden teeth, powdery hair, rock solid heart and mind of gold, and idealistic morals, dawned a new age. The home of the free and the brave has morphed into the prison of the enslaved and the sheepish; and with every passing century, this nation's seventeen billion problems (which also happens to be the number of America’s current ever-growing debt, thanks to an incompetent and entitled governmental system, something George Washington himself warned us about with these words: “To contract new debts is not the way to pay old ones.”#) multiply with no means of stopping.#
In America Dumbs Down , author Gatehouse blames the stupidity of America on the decaying educational system, morals, and government.# This powerful document crafted by a world-renowned Canadian journalist plunges deep into the many wrongs of Americans and how these actions will lead to a nation’s demise, however, although he was factually correct all across the board, he simply did not dig deep enough. Far too vast are the stupid--there really is no better way to phrase it--sequential correlations of America that she will sow for years to come.
In a simple summary of America Dumbs Down, it is borderline elementary to conclude with no sense of shame that America is dumb as a sack of rocks--the rocks being the three decaying matters of education, morals, and government that will lead to the destruction of this nation--and the sharpest rock of the three, in the small, but heavy sa...

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