Dulce et Decorum est

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Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfred Owen, describes a normal day in battle, the occasional rocket, bomb, bullets flying everywhere and chemical bombs. That is what Wilfred Owen is portraying in his poem, a normal day. However is it normal when you are faced with death day in and day out, second by second? War can be described in many ways, horrifying, painful, and soulless. Ideally we like our husbands to return home at night, tell us about their work day and play with the children. Conversely at war there is no home, a famous saying states that the home is where the heart is, but when your heart is at war is it home or just simply an open battlefield.

The five stanza poem portrays a normal day at war, a normal day which goes from bad to worst. In a matter of seconds soldiers are falling to the ground to protect themselves from the attack of multiple gas bombs, ‘’Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!’’ Wilfred, describes how one of he experienced the death of one of he’s fellow soldiers as they struggled to place their mask on their face. They choked; they struggled and finally gave their last breat...
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