Dulce et Decorum Est

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History is an important to today’s modern society because it shows the attitudes and culture of that society and shows patterns of society that can teach us how to avoid such things as genocide and war. The piece that will be adapted in this essay is Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen which will be adapted into a movie. There will have to be some changes to the poem to the length of the plot and setting up the beginning of the story. The movie will also have to keep with the overall theme of the story that war is grim and the effect that war has on soldiers. With an adaptation to a new medium, aspects of the poem could be lost or strengthen. The visuals would be strengthened because the poem has descriptive imagery and the movie would be able to stress the imagery. But with a change to a movie the overall message could be lost because of the way that people would perceive the movie, if they just watch to see World War one in action then they will miss the message about war. The reason why this piece is interesting to adapt because of the message that Wilfred Owen had that war is horrible and the façade of the leaders of war. Dulce et Decorum Est is an interesting piece to adapt because the way history can be used to teach the present the mistakes that where made then. The poet of this poem was referring to a politician saying the phrase “Dulce et decorum Est Pro patria mori”, which means “It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country”. The use of propaganda in world war one heavily used to enlist young soldiers to fight. The use of propaganda in today’s war is a little different from then but the idea is the same but not to the same degree. The poem could teach people of today that to think about what they are being told and... ... middle of paper ... ...racterization and the movie would show there race, age, and gender. The format of the poem is an action scene to something close to a political rebuttal to a political figure; this type of format puts emphases on the political message. The format will be lost when changed to a movie and the emphases will also be lost. Through history we can learn their mistakes so we don’t make the same ones that the past has made. But sometimes we have to distance ourselves in order to see with a grain of truth, to see the whole picture, to make informative decisions. Through this medium change there can be some things that are strengthened and some limitations. The movie would improve the imagery of the poem and it would reach a wider audience. But there would be some limitations like the message would be lost or the main story could be lost due to the extra length of the story.

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