Dubai creates its own History

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Dubai creates its own History Dubai celebrates its victory in the World Expo 2020.
By Amira Abdalla, student journalist, Sharjah women's college Published: January 11,2014

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UAE/Dubai won Expo2020 on Wednesday 27th of November World Expos attract millions of visitors. 1The UAE made history when it became the first Middle Eastern nation to win the bid to host an expo.
From as far as 1851, world expos have been used to celebrate global, cultural diversities, technological innovations and also to strengthen relationships among different players. Of great importance is that expos have showcased the significance of global economies in enhancing the livelihood of the inhabitants of the world. Dubai’s successful bid to hold the expo 2020 was a significant step in the world history because the Asian country will have an opportunity to display its potency in directing the affairs of the world in terms of how fashion influences the economy, culture and religion.
The 2020 expo will prove to be very profitable for Dubai, specifically considering that such expos usually run for a period of six months. Being the first time that a Middle Eastern country is hosting this international exhibition, more than 25 million global citizens shall have an opportunity to savor the abundance of Asia. The theme of expo 2020 best captures the variety of humanity that shall dot the streets of Dubai.’ Connecting minds, Creating the Future’ is a theme that is quite suitable for the occasion since it best captures the commitment of Dubai in establishing a successful future for UAE, the surrounding region and the world at large.

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... economic downtown and sub-standard human rights record. Being the first time that a Middle Eastern country is hosting this prestigious event, Dubai will be a witness that the region is able to influence the cultural and economic trends of the globe.

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