Dubai: Dubai As A Successful Model For Development

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Dubai is small city, located in the Arabian Gulf, it is member of a federation of the United Arab of Emirates. The Dubai phenomena is very controversial. Any observers can conclude that the Dubai is very important area for business, and it is itself had many free trade and business. Nevertheless, many refers to Dubai as one of the most important global city for economic growth. On the other hand, Dubai had witnessed many economic crisis in less than 10 years. The main aim of the research paper is Dubai a successful model for development, and how Dubai deals with the economic crisis, and how recovered their loans.
Therefore, this paper is going to discuss the case of Dubai phenomena. It will concentrate on the trade history in Dubai, Dubai government, economic diversion, expo 2020, and economic crisis in Dubai as well as government recover from economic crisis. The research question aim to answer that what made Dubai a successful model. In general, this paper aim to approve that is Dubai phenomena a successful model for development.
Conceptual analysis
Since 1970 Hussein Mahdavi an Iranian scholar was the first introduce the rentier state concept. He defined rentier state as a state that receives substantial rent from “foreign individuals, concerns or governments”. (Mahdavi, 1970) In the earlier time, when the oil discovered in Arab peninsula Hazem Balbawi and Giacomo Luciani were the first scholars applied the concept over Arab countries, they have written a book considered about rentier state. A rentier state as Balbawi defined it is a state rent situation as predominating, there is a weak domestic productive sector, the economy is based on one single good, limited part of the population involved in the generatio...

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...bed into a massive metropolis of two or more million people, most of whom expatriates engaged increase diverse economy. In addition, the historical background showed that Dubai as economic for the gulf, and connected between east and west. Most of important seaport was in Dubai, it was the main source for goods and food for the Gulf region. There are two factor created Dubai city first, the geographic location, and government strategy and clever rulers. Government play a significant role for Dubai development over take risky decisions, and Dubai rulers smart governance of Dubai. While, the economic crisis didn’t effected Dubai highly and Dubai recovered from these crisis. In addition, Dubai is host of Expo 2020 which it is the begging for new development in the state. In the end, I believe Dubai is successful model because of her governance and rulers.
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