Dubai Case Study

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The government of Dubai made an intelligent decision when it decided to intervene in the destination brand development of that same country. Dubai has been a very successful development project thanks to the many investors that believed in its potential. Also, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the government and tourist. Now, because of the great development many jobs have been provided to the people that live in this great country. In addition, Dubai having grown from a small trading port country to a large international destination, it is now attracting many tourists from all parts of the world, giving them access to this astonishing country.
One of the contributions that the government was able to provide is a larger airport with more
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The different strategies that the government used were very successful like making the country more “familiar” with known brand names. Dubai’s government used many innovated and bold ways to raise awareness of the country, which some may call extraordinary, for example: “Marketing and branding efforts included international travel and tourism exhibitions and Dubai’s own road shows, international advertising campaigns, brochure production and distribution, media relations, the hosting of international airlines and hotel chains in Dubai as part of a ‘familiarisation’ visit strategy, and government-led approaches to investors from the tourism and commercial sectors.” By the creation of the Dubai Media Affairs Office (DMAO) maximum exposure is now been seeing through the whole…show more content…
have put this country on every future tourist’s radar. With Architecture being one of its main attraction because of tremendous structures like The Jumeirah Beach Hotel been the icon of Dubai, which is one of the most remarkable land marks of this wonderful country that now is consider “The Architects’ playground”. All of this development and incredible infusion of money, design and extravagance makes the country a very attracting places for millionaire tourist from all parts of the world. It is an incredible country that I dream to visit in a near future with my husband. My husband is fascinated with Dubai because he is studying to become an architect currently building the Brickell City Center which is located in the heart of downtown Miami, where we live. We both love modern contemporary Architecture and even though a trip to Dubai has a high cost right now, it is in our bucket list. One of the most know items in Dubai is “The Gold to Go” machine, which is the world’s ever gold vending machine. It is specifically located at the Dubai Mall, UAE. (Withdraw gold)This is how wonderful and sometimes excessive this country can be but this also proofs how well it is doing when it comes to its economy. When the government decided to build such astonish Architecture structures and to give way to machines like this one, they truly knew what they
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