Duality of Man and Soul

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Duplicity of Man and Soul A doppelganger by definition is a double or counterpart of a person or an alter ego of a person (Dictionary.com). Everyone has a doppelganger that influences their lives every day in their decisions they make. Their doppelgangers are their suppressed selves and, if uncovered, will reveal to the world the kind of people they genuinely are. What one may show on the outside could be completely different from what they truly feel. One can really know a person only once he fully knows the person that he is on the inside. Mr. Hyde represents the inner evil of Dr. Jekyll in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde while the painting in The Picture of Dorian Gray resembles his own inner evil as well. In each of these novels, the suppressed sides of the characters are present and influence their every action thus slowly reveal the true identities of the men. The nature of man is composed of inner sinfulness that is masked by outer composure set by society, but once the suppressed half is exposed, only then will the public fully know a man. Due to their concealed yet present inner evil, humans are naturally inclined to sin but at the same time resist temptation because of influence from society, thus illustrating a duality in humanity. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde focuses on how humans are actually two different people composed into one. The concept of dual human nature includes all of Hyde’s crimes and ultimately the death of Jekyll. Jekyll proposes that “man is not truly one, but truly two,” and describes the human soul as a constant clash of the “angel” and the “fiend,” each struggling to suppress the other (Stevenson 61, 65). Man will try to cover up his inner evil because once it rises to the surface everyone will know the real... ... middle of paper ... ... at the angel in him. No one had any idea that Dorian possessed so much evil until the picture preached his soul, thus showing that they did not truly know Dorian until they discovered both sides of him. Man may look and act a certain way on the outside but could be completely the opposite in actuality. The nature of man consists of sin, which is concealed by a mask of goodness and virtue. Society teaches humans to mask the evil tendencies we have and to only convey their angelic sides to the world. The doppelgangers that these characters carry with them do not stay tucked away forever; rather they slowly show themselves through their actions and the decisions that they make. The suppressed half is the gateway to understanding the entire person. Without the good part in people, there is no bad; without the evil, one can never fully know the person as a whole.
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