Duality Exists in Many Literature Books

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“One thing you learn when you’ve lived as long as I have - people aren’t all good, and people aren’t all bad. We move in and out of darkness and light all of our lives.” This quote, spoken by Neal Shusterman, is exemplified so much throughout daily life. Whether the difference between the dark and light be good and evil or simply private and public, it’s inevitable to have two sides as a human being. Also, in the works of fiction Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, and The Book Thief written by Marcus Zusak, many characters follow this theory that as human beings, there are two sides that exist in a person. Many people would like to contradict this theory however, saying that people are good natured and only possess one side. Realistically though, this is false. In the world of literature, many texts depict duality among people and support Robert Stevenson’s statement that duality exists in everyone. In many different kinds of books, duality plays an important role in who the characters are and how the story occurs. One notable example is present in the character Dr. Jekyll in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll, a kind and social man continuously turns himself into Hyde to commit crimes and be evil every once and a while. Towards the end of the book, Jekyll describes his obsession, “I began to be tortured with throes and longings, as pf Hyde struggling after freedom,” (Stevenson 82). Jekyll’s desire and instinct to do evil things crosses his mind often and he can no longer hold it in. Hyde is his evil conscience that has always existed in him, but now, he is allowing it to escape in horrible manners that bring trouble among others. This is true for all who read about Jekyll’s st... ... middle of paper ... ... or desires and inner struggle to make this happen. His duality is ever present in this scene. With all of this, it is safe to say that many texts in the literature world support what Stevenson has to say and that duality exists in everyone and is unable to avoid. As Neal Shusterman explains, people constantly shift between their inner two sides. Everyone has a light and a dark side, but the difference between the light and dark changes from person to person. Texts like Of Mice and Men as well as The Book Thief support this theory overpoweringly. No matter what people say about being good natured as human beings, there will always exist the desire to be evil or selfish. It’s part of being human. The problem is finding ways to ease this urge to do things that you will regret. Find ways to reduce the water being added to plant so it nevers grows to its full potential.
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