Dualism Is The Relationship Between The Mind And The Body

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Dualism, A philosophical concept is ultimately the relationship between the mind and the body. The mind-body dualism cannot be perceived with our senses, we cannot feel, see, or touch mind-body dualism. Moreover, there is no legitimate way for one’s thoughts to be traced or known. Additionally, you cannot study the mind, one can only study the brain. This concept was adopted by major philosophers including, Plato, Aristotle, and Descartes. Furthermore, the soul can be interchangeable with real identity from the human body and the senses. Additionally, the soul intertwines with the body and essentially adds life. Moreover, the distinct difference between the soul and body is the soul is utterly rational and the body is irrational. The relationship between the mind and body is intriguing and compelling. Ultimately, individuals are aware of their bodies and it’s capabilities. On the contrary, we do not know what is determining our minds activity or why we have particular thoughts. Moreover, there are various questions one might ask. Do we have a soul and is our soul controlling our mind and body. Plato, a significant philosopher of his time, believed the soul is everlasting…show more content…
Socrates believes our body distracts our soul and one will not grasp ultimate knowledge until they are deceased. Philosophers who believe in this theory do not fear death because death is equivalent to ultimate wisdom and truth. Plato’s cyclical argument demonstrates that when one dies our souls exist in another world and are consequently reborn. His foundation for this argument is that opposites begin solely from their opposite. An example would be what starts as small item can produce a larger item. Innately, everything that is present has to come from something. Socrates follows with the argument that life and death result from one another. Moreover, it is only right to assume the souls of the dead exist until they are

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