Dualism In Life After Death

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One of the beliefs in life after death is immortality of soul or dualism. Dualism is a philosophical position, which asserts that human nature is dualistic and divided into two parts- physical and non-physical. These parts can be separated and are not a psychophysical unity. Plato said the soul (non-physical) pre-existed the body (physical) in the realm of forms. In the realm of forms the soul learns the perfect form of all things such as truth, beauty, and goodness and physical forms that we find in the world such as trees, tables, and dogs. The soul forgets these perfect forms when it enters the body, but it may be recalled through a process of anamnesis (not forgetting). This process is best achieved through the study of philosophy. At death, the soul returns to the realm of the forms.
In Descartes’ dualistic approach is based on a rational hermeneutic of suspicion. Our senses deceive us on at least some occasions and the empirical world is therefore not a reliable source of certainty. It may be that we are deceived at all time by our perception of the physical. However, our cog...
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