Dual Federalism Essay

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Federalism is a system where a particular country has divided its government structure and power between a strong central government and a local government that forms constituent political units. Therefore the federal system forms an association between the two governments. The system came to existence as part of the solution to the problems that faced the federal government especially when it came to exercise of authority. The constitution only allowed for continental congress to sign treaties and call on war but in reality it had now enough resources to carry out the activities.
Distribution of Powers within the Federal System
A federal system of government that is used in the United States splits power and authority among the state’s or
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It has been distinguished as a period where there was little teamwork amid the national and state governments. The idea of dual federalism is an initiative that implied the national and state governments were equal collaborators with detached and distinct subjects of power. Notwithstanding the policy of implied powers, the federal or national government was restricted in its authority to those powers spell out in the Constitution.
There was slight existence of collaboration between the national and state governments and occasional anxiety s over the type of the combination and the doctrine of nullification and state sovereignty. The states’ rights argument and the type of the unification, whether the Constitution formed a league of sovereign states or an indivisible union -was a major subject in the Civil War. The era derives its name from the governing political party of that period that was thought to be a strong central government. Its principals incorporated George W., Alexander H. and John A. who were rejected by Anti-Federalists or Democratic Republicans among them including Thomas Jefferson, who fought in opposition to a strong central government and for state centered