Drunken Mother

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A Drunken Mother, wow where do I start. This book really gets one to thinking of what it was and, in some cases is like to be a woman. This book was one of which I would never even think to read just cause of the title. The title to me suggests that it is a book by a woman for a woman and is written in a way for mothers to understand. But in fact it’s the opposite it written in a way for all to see the trials her life. Nancy starts off by learning that then man in the house is boss at an early age. Her mother plays a role of big time neglect and spends most of her time out doing other things such as drinking. At an early age she learned that the man of the house was the boss and what he said goes. It was at this time that she began to fall into the “female role” of doing things the way they were suppose to be done. She also realized that Doctor John was not going to see things her way and that what he wanted was to be. This young female does all that she can to be successful with skating and what does Doc John do he tries to take it away. The more and more I read the more I wanted to read just because it is a true story and it was a story about the past, not to say that it does not happen now. But I’m into history and study of relationship, how they start, finish, grow, and wither. But getting back to the story I found it very interesting that Nancy tries so hard to make things work that she gives up her goals and inspirations in life just to leave one man with problems just for a chance to be better off and herself. As I was reading into the story I imaged every sentence of every page into a movie and was doing in my own little world in my room trying to block out the constant hum of my computer, ticking of my wall clock and every so often my suitemate checking on me to see if I was finish reading. Why was my suitemate checking on me because he wanted me to join him and another friend in drinking while we watched the Boston Celtics play.
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