Drunk Driving: The Dangers Of Driving And Drinking And Driving

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Every minute many people lose their lives in the world. A large amount of those deaths are caused by things that can be completely avoided like driving under the influence. Driving drunk is very dangerous and something that is inevitable to cause bad things and drinking is totally futile. Drunk drivers are devious when they drive and create a lot of pandemonium on the road. How many people will have to get injured or even die before we realize how dangerous drunk driving is? There are many reasons to why people drink and drive. Many people drink under peer pressure, especially teens. Teens usually drink at parties because they think it’s cool to drink, mainly if all of their friends are drinking or sometimes feel left out, if they don’t drink.…show more content…
On the road, you need to be focused, but that’s not possible. When you drink, your reaction time becomes very slow and reacting to situations takes much longer and is very slow. Drunk drivers can’t make good decisions and their vision isn’t good while drunk and can’t really pick up movement quick enough. For example, where roads cross, the drunk driver wouldn’t be able to tell if there was a car about to cross because the reaction time would be very slow and they wouldn’t be able to focus their vision on the car fast enough. Also, driving the car nice and smoothly would be very difficult because the drunk driver 's wouldn’t be able to tell if he or she’s car was on the center line or tell the position of the car. This would lead to confusion of other drivers and could cause an accident. Also from prior knowledge, I know that drunk drivers have weak body coordination and wouldn’t be able to react to anything quick. If the driver in front of the drunk driver were to press the brake quickly at a stop sign or a light, the drunk driver would end up rear ending the car because there foot and eye coordination would be off. Also jail time is highly likely if a cop pulls over the drunk driver. If not jail time, then a fine, ticket, or even an interlock installed in the car. A interlock, basically keeps track if the driver drinks the next time they drive. The interlock is a very…show more content…
There are a lot of stories about drunk driving victims and families who lost many loved ones. There was one story online that hit me hard and shows what families have to go through when this happens. This story was about a woman named Candace and her daughter Cari, who was only thirteen. One evening in 1980, Cari was walking in their neighborhood and a drunk driver ran over her and killed her. The driver ran away from the scene. When Candace found out, she was devastated and went into depression. It would be hard for any parent to lose a child. But, Candace wanted justice for her daughter and went to the cops and demanded that they find the culprit of her daughter’s death. She never relinquished on her daughter and just wanted tried over and over again. The cops found the drunk driver two days later and they did investigation. The drunk driver was in an accident a week before for drunk driving. The driver was sentenced for two years but his jail time wasn’t spent in jail. The punishment wasn’t a long enough and wasn’t a fair. Candace couldn’t stand that her daughter had died and the criminal was walking around freely. Candace went into depression and didn’t really do anything. This was a problem for parents back in 1980s because laws weren’t really strict and people like drunk drivers took advantage of that (cars of america 2). Imagining the pain that they Candace had to go
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