Drunk Driving Resulting in Death

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Drunk Driving Resulting in Death

Crash! Bang! Boom! The sound of metal crunching and cries fill the lonely night. Yet another person falls victim of becoming a statistic as the result of impaired driving. Another baby cries in the night, with no mother to attend to it. Another father mourns over the loss of his family. Another mother collapses to the floor at the news of her son's death. These are just some of the fatalities due to impaired driving. One more person is charged and put into jail for one fatal decision and will never fully understand the extent of the damage they have caused. How can we influence the effects of impaired driving? The harmful aftermath of impaired driving can reduce through demonstration, stricter penalties under the law, and education.

First of all, if we start to educate our children on the effects of impaired driving at an earlier age, the message may get across to the next generation. Since the number of impaired driving accidents is so high, educate our offspring on this topic earlier on in life. We must make the message known that driving while impaired KILLS. That message can be taught through the education system.

In addition, through demonstration in the community, we may be able to make the message clear on the effects of impaired driving. A death does not only affect the person's family, but the community in which they resided. It tares families apart, and destroys communities. Everyone suffers because of one person's wrong choice: a mistake that can never be fixed. Through the media, it is possible to get the message across that lives are lost due to impaired driving, and is a mistake that can never be corrected.

Furthermore, if we stiffen the penalties under the law for impaired driving, it may make offenders think twice before repeating this immoral act. In 1999, 15 935 people were killed, and over 1 053 990 people injured in impaired driving accidents -- almost one person every 33 minutes is killed and one person is injured approximately every 30 seconds in North America. These statistics are too high. Make lengthier jail sentences for first time offenders; hopefully making them realize what they have done, and how it has affected so many people in such a great manner.
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