Drugs in the United States

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There has been much debate between states recently regarding marijuana. So far, twenty states in the U.S have decriminalized the use of weed. (Cannabis in the United States,). The state of Idaho still doesn’t allow weed, however; there is still much debate about it. People that agree with legalizing weed believe it could have many benefits. People against legalization believe that there is no way the weed could be controlled, and that it would only cause more problems. (Legalizing Pot) A better second option exists. Another popular drug that is extremely harmful to your body is meth. Although this drug is still illegal, it is very easy to find. These two drugs are only a couple of examples of drugs that plague our nation. Any kind of drug whether it is legal or illegal is very harmful to society. Marijuana is terrible for a person’s health. It can cause lung cancer when smoked because of the tar in the drug. This can cause lesions in the respiratory system that can infect the user’s lungs and kill them. Weed has tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in it that releases a chemical that travels through the body’s bloodstream to the brain when smoked. (Marijuana Drug Facts) “443,000 people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, and another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Another often used drug that is also very dangerous but not pushed to be legalized is meth. The main reason that people use methamphetamine is a “high”; or feelings of euphoria they receive from taking it. However, after the high wears off the consumer suffers from a “crash” after it has worn off. The user is “chasing” the first time use “high” due to the damage to the pleasu... ... middle of paper ... enforcement officer, is seeing children hurt as a result of drug use. Children are often exposed to the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.” They are also more likely to do drugs if their guardians do. Ways drugs harm young people are; energy loss, diminished school performance, and harmed parental relationships. Although more research is required, recent national surveys report that 40% of heavy users experience some or all of those symptoms.” (Centers For disease Control and prevention.) If our country were to legalize marijuana, it would eventually lead to more drugs like meth being legalized which would be disastrous as well. Both drugs are dangerous and there is absolutely no way that our government or any government can keep it under control. If we could eliminate drug use then our community would be a safer place to live.
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