Drugs in Sports

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Drug’s in Sports

In today’s professional athletic events athletes are using whatever they can find to give them an upper hand or give them the winning edge on other athletes just to keep there careers in check, but what is the price of using drugs in sports? Athletes endanger not only themselves but everyone around them when they use drugs. Athletes are aware what damages they could receive if they take these drugs but they refuse to give them up. Professional sports commissioners should enforce a drug testing policy for all athletes.

There are many drugs that professional athletes can use to increase their performance in sports. In this drug era in today’s sports there are tons of drugs that athletes can use to help them do better in their specific sport there participating in. Androstenedione or “Andro” is most known in the baseball society. Andro boosts blood levels of testosterone, helping athletes to build muscle mass, improve their strength and endurance, and recover more quickly from injury and recovery time from workouts. Andro gives athletes the hitting power in professional baseballs that are needed to hit the big homeruns. Mark McGwire, Professional baseball player, set a record for most homeruns in a single season. McGwire admitted using andro in his record setting year but was not disciplined because andro was not banned by Major League Baseball.

Tetrahydrogestrinone, “THG”, or “the Clear” is also a well known performance enhancement drug in the baseball community. “THG” has no medical use it’s mostly for athletic purposes. THG is used to increase muscle strength and promote muscle growth for the athlete that uses it. Tetrahydogestrinone is not a legal drug in United States it has a high potential for drug abuse...

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